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Welcome to the Emerald-Associated Reporter's website. We hope you find this site to be as friendly, as easy and as extraordinary as our agency and staff

The field of court reporting is ever evolving and becoming increasingly competitive, Emerald-Associated is on the cutting edge of technology.

Our court reporters are very professional and are highly trained in their profession. Our motto is, "Your Words Count" and, therefore, we have a highly regarded quality-controlled system. Quality is of the utmost importance. We pay detailed attention to each and every client. Our personalized service distinguishes us from all others.




960 South Broadway
Hicksville, NY 11801


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Services Offered



Precise courtroom interpretation facilitates a smoother, faster legal proceeding and helps ensure justice is properly served. Because every word matters, we provide verbatim court reporting as well as linguistic interpreters who understand the nuances of various languages. 


Our videoconferencing services can save you time and travel expenses and hassles by allowing you to speak with whomever you desire, whenever you wish, wherever you, or he/she is located. Litigation is complex and time consuming enough without having to worry about distance and time zones.


Allow us to take care of archiving important information that is no longer actively used with our state of the art systems.



Conference Rooms

If you are searching for a neutral, private, professional conference room to hold your deposition or meeting, look no further than our court reporting company.